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Dating app where we aim for singles to find someone to have a meaningful relationship with!!

Dating with Gigil

Gigil Dating is about finding the ONE who has common interests as you, who is awesome to hang out with.

The one who makes you feel special

Dating feels like a new venture, especially when you are new to dating — you have to find the person, meet them, share your thoughts, and interests. You might like the person or you won’t.

Android Platform.

Your date is waitng for you in our Google Play store by installing Gigil in your mobile.

Gigil Experiences

Dating gives you a chance to spend a lifetime of eternity with someone or just an hour. Dating introduces you to a whole different world which you never thought is out there.

Best Features

Makes the world a better place to live in!!!

Profile Swiping

Like someone’s profile swipe right!!! Don’t like it swipe left.

Chatting Features

You can have a conversation only with the people your profile matches! If you ever feel like the person on the other end is bother you so much, you can mute the conversation or just block them anytime.

Filter by Age & Location

You can filter profiles by setting the age limit (18 to 50) as well as setting the distance limit from your location.

Success Stories

You can add your succuess stories or experiences with Gigil anytime.


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